6 steps to overcome a set back and move forward
Reality check: I am not the superhero I thought I was, yet I am happier I cannot be everywhere at once like superman can. I cannot multitask and be as fast as Flash. I do not have a utility belt full of helpful gadgets that will immediately solve my problem like Batman […]

Are you NOT a superhero? 6 steps to overcome a ...

As a wedding business it is hard to be seen by brides and grooms in this world, as a result of internet being everyone’s fingertips. Every business wants to be seen and it is getting harder and harder to compete for your audience’s attention; in Google searches, on social media such […]

This ONE change can make your wedding business successful

Why would you want to attract more Brides and Grooms to your business? You are in the wedding industry so you are selling a product or service aimed at brides and grooms. You are running a business and you need more sales to make it viable and profitable. You want […]

How to attract more Brides and Grooms to your business?

What if you could wake up tomorrow and find emails in your inbox from customers who are looking for exactly what you offer? The people who need exactly what you offer are your perfect customers. They signed up to your newsletter and followed on social media for a little while. […]

What does a Perfect Customer mean to your business?

Wedding Business Academy 5-mistakes-that-make-your-wedding-business-invisible-to-brides-and-you-are-doing-them-right-now-1
Are you making these 5 mistakes right now? A simple business formula : Your product/service + paying perfect customers = profitable business You are in the wedding industry and your paying perfect customers (the people who will buy from you) are brides and grooms. Your business must offer them a product/service […]

5 mistakes that make your wedding business invisible to brides ...