Insider strategy to get wedding bookings from social media

Did you want my insider strategy to get wedding bookings from social media?

In my last post, I told you about Amy and what she achieved. Now, I want you to know that it’s possible for you too. In fact I’m going to give you an insight into exactly how she did it.

I am sharing with you the first thing that made a positive impact on her business and saved her time and earned her money: The way she does her marketing.

Insider strategy to get wedding bookings from social media

The Strategy

You’ve been told you should be posting on social media to get likes, shares and comments from as many people as you can!

But it’s wrong!

This is called spray and pray’ marketing. 

‘Spray and pray is a derisive term for firing an automatic firearm towards an enemy in long bursts, without making an effort to line up each shot or burst of shots.’ -Wikipedia

Your spray and pray marketing put your business in front of anyone and everyone randomly. Sometimes not even brides and grooms, just anybody you can have access to.

Big fail!

If you want to get actual bookings from your social media channels, you must only talk to brides and grooms who are most likely to book you!

Getting your post seen by someone who is not getting married will not help you get wedding bookings. Because they will not be needing your services! Therefore they won’t be buying anything from you so what’s the point of doing this anyway?!

I know what you are thinking

‘But when my posts get comments and shares, they may be seen by a bride who is planning her wedding, who actually needs what I sell!

True, I’ll draw your attention to the underlined part. You are not even sure if your posts will be seen by a bride or a groom. It is lots of effort and time spent on your part for uncertainty and frustration.

If you have plenty of time on your hand and are happy with uncertain results, then by all means use your spray and pray tactics.

Side note

On a side note, I am not against networking and comment/share swapping because. This can be very effective if used properly. Example: if a luxury bridal boutique who targets the same customer base you do shares your cakes, then their customers are very likely to become your customers too!

I am only against it if by doing this your posts/ links, etc is putting your wedding business in front of people who will not be buying from you. See, that is a complete waste of your valuable and very limited time. It’s like selling prescription sunglasses to someone with perfect eyesight!

What you need to do to get results like Amy is targeted marketing on your social media, in order to get wedding bookings!

What I call targeted marketing is when you get your business seen by brides and grooms.

The Secret

Here is the secret… not just any brides and grooms. But only the ones who are most likely to be interested in what you offer. The ones who are most likely to want and need what you sell and will go ahead and book you! I call them your Perfect Customer, because they are perfect for you.

Are you wondering how to find them?

You need to create your Perfect Customer avatar. Don’t worry, it is nothing too difficult. You basically put together the traits that make your ideal buyer.


Do they need to live in a certain area? 
If you are a florist, makeup artist, or a cake designer like Amy etc, you may have a local area you cover so your brides need to be fairly local. There is no point you marketing to a bride who lives outside the area you service. Any marketing to them will not bring you any bookings and it will be a waste of your time and money.

Do you provide a luxury venue or products like stationery and wedding dresses? 
Then you need to be seen by brides who have the budget to buy from you! A lot of brides may want your beautiful wares but not all of them will be able to afford you!

Get the gist?

You can download my workbook here to help you identify who is most likely to buy from you: Perfect Customer Extract

Need more help

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