Boost your Wedding Business

I have put together a selection of FREE Tools and Training for you to boost your wedding business.

You will be able to book more brides with your Marketing, be more Productive with your time and of course to have a Successful Mindset. The result will be your financial independence and the freedom to live your life on your own terms. Download them below and take action.

Share your journey and get support in the Facebook group.

Are you wondering why your Wedding Business is not making money?

This FREE WEBINAR will show you the 5 Real Problems that are limiting your ability to make money ... and how to turn it around, right now!

Are you invisible to Brides?

This workbook is designed to help you avoid the 5 most common mistakes that make your wedding business invisible to brides and grooms.


7 steps to success

I have put together a workbook to help you achieve your goals by following the 7 steps to success and how to avoid failing where others do.

Fall back in love with your business Free Tools and Training

Fall back in Love with your Business!

This Valentine's Day freebie is the perfect solution to those bad days when we are overwhelmed and things are not going our way. Take a moment to appreciate what you have achieved and to look at your goals.

members aread template

Identify your Perfect Customer

Make selling a breeze by putting your business in front of the brides who will buy from you. They are the ones who need and want what you sell, they don't quibble about prices and you love working with them.


Simple Price Calculator for Etsy Sellers

It is easy to be mislead and not price correctly when selling via a third party marketplace. This is the calculator I used when I had my Luxury Wedding Stationery shop on Etsy.


Facebook Group

Each month I run a free training or share actionable resources in the group. Then at the end of the month, it all moves to my paid membership site. So you don't get anything that I would not sell. It's like I sell cakes and you can get a different flavour sample every month.

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