Facebook Live : How to use it in your wedding marketing, the complete guide 2

Are you wondering whether Facebook Live can help you book more brides and create more revenue in your wedding business?

Yes it can!

By going live on Facebook you can attract the brides and grooms who are planning their weddings, the ones who need and want what you offer. You can pique their interest and turn them into paying customers.

You may be looking at your current Facebook Insights and feel frustrated, annoyed and angry even. Because Facebook frequently changes their algorithm. The end result is always a noticeable drop in your organic reach! Meaning all the ‘likers’ you’ve worked hard to gain are not seeing your posts!

‘But Zee’ you say ‘I tried everything, and my likers are still not seeing my posts!’

‘Facebook is rubbish’ I hear you say.

‘Facebook is greedy they want me to pay to be seen’ is the constant complain I’ve read thousands of times.

Well, have you actually tried to ‘go with the flow’. Facebook have declared that Facebook Live Streaming is the new ‘in thing’ and it is here to stay. In fact, it will only get bigger!

In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook predicted that “in 5 years time, most of [Facebook] will be video.”

With the higher performance of videos on Facebook and the rolling out of Facebook Live streaming, he is certainly being true to his words.

So let’s quit the moaning and jump the bandwagon!

Why you’ll be left behind if you don’t start broadcasting live

  1. Because Facebook is still one of the leading social media platform to connect your wedding business to couples planning their weddings.

Do you need some figures to prove it?

“Worldwide, there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users (Facebook MAUs) which is a 17 percent increase year over year as of 02/01/17. What this means for you: In case you had any lingering doubts, statistically, Facebook is too big to ignore.” – Source Zephoria Digital Marketing

  1. Live Streaming on Facebook is currently FREE and has priority placement in your followers’ newsfeed. So here is your non-paid way to reach your precious likers!

Do you need an official quote to support this?

“we are making a small update to News Feed so that Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when those videos are actually live, compared to after they are no longer live” – Vibhi Kant, Facebook Product Manager

How to use Facebook Live broadcasting as a Wedding Professional?

Now, that you know why you should be using live streaming on your business Facebook page, let’s look at where this fits into your business.

It fits in your social media marketing strategy.

(Social Media Marketing Strategy = the plan you use to you promote your business/ brand/ product/ service to potential buyers on social media)

Let me make something very clear. Social Media is NOT an e-commerce platform. Do NOT use it as one.

Social Media  is NOT a sales focused platform. It is not a shop. People don’t go on Social Media with the intention to ‘shop’. (This is what Etsy is used for, check it out, it is brilliant for product based wedding businesses!)

We go on Social Media to SOCIALISE, browse, check on family, friends, brands we like, be entertained, learn new things and keep up with latest news.

How do you use Social Media to build your Wedding Business and get sales?

By first building awareness, trust and desire in your potential customers. You can accelerate all this by doing regular live streaming on your business page.

Why include live broadcasting on Facebook in your marketing plan

  1. It is an EASY, FREE and PROVEN way to engage more of your fans and followers. They automatically get notifications when you are live.
  1. It helps you STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! Ever wondered why should brides and grooms book you instead of the next business who does the same thing you do? It is you! You, your personality, your experience, the way you work.
  1. Seeing you and interacting with you BUILDS TRUST QUICKER than any other way. Potential customers get to know you better, quicker. In order to buy from you, your customers need to first trust that you will deliver.
  1. You can show your customers ‘who you are’ and SHARE YOUR PASSION and what drives you. Brides and Grooms are more likely to buy from someone who love what they do and who knows what they are doing. Live streaming is a quick and easy way to position yourself as an Expert in your field.
  1. Videos are easily consumed, and attracts more interest from your audience. “People spend more than 3x MORE TIME WATCHING A FACEBOOK LIVE video on average compared to a video that’s no longer live.”  – Source Facebook Newsroom
  1. Facebook prioritises Live videos in the newsfeed, therefore you will have MORE ORGANIC REACH for your page.
  1. The best part is, your Facebook live remains on your page and you can boost and attract a bigger audience who have not yet found your page or liked it. It is a fast and easy way to BUILD YOUR FACEBOOK FOLLOWING and fill it with brides and grooms who are interested in your product/service and are therefore most likely to buy from you!

Facebook Live best practices for wedding entrepreneurs: Focused v/s Random live streaming

We have now established you need to do Live videos since it is a free, proven way to create awareness and get seen by your potential customers. Every wedding vendor should start using it in their business.

Let’s talk content

What will you do/ say/ show in these live video that  will help you achieve the end goal of reaching your Perfect Customers and turning them into Paying Customers.

Have you ever heard of the 80:20 rule?

It is about giving 80% value and good content on your social media and 20% promo pitches.

As I said above, Social Media is primarily a social platform. It works best to create awareness and a desire for what you offer instead of constantly having ‘in your face sales’ pitches. You know what I’m talking about, those business pages, who do nothing but constantly have ‘buy this’ ‘new in’ ‘limited offer’ ‘special discounts’ type of posts ALL THE TIME!

Tell me, how many of those have you unfollowed or hid from your newsfeed?

You don’t want to be one of them, so as a rule of thumb, use the 80:20 rule. It will help you balance your content on your social media – not just for your live videos.

On the other hand, don’t go to the other extreme and never promote what you sell on your social media. You need to give your potential customer an opportunity to buy. There is no need to feel self-conscious or guilty about it. It goes without saying that when you follow a business page, a brand, you expect some promotion. So the 20 is to ensure you do offer your followers a chance to buy from you.

Let’s talk Topics

What topics will you talk about to grab the attention of these brides who are your potential customers?

Brainstorm at least 15 topics you can talk about. Ideally you want to pick topics that will be of interest to your audience + make them aware that you can help them realise their dream wedding.

If the idea of talking to a lot of people is intimidating to you, in your head picture the one couple you would like to work with. They are the only one you need to talk to. They don’t know you yet so:

What would you like to tell them or show them?
What do they need to know?
What do they need from you? How can you help them?
What do you need from them in order to help them

The best way to come up with topics for your live streaming is to sit down for 10 minutes and make a list of what your Perfect Customers need to know in relation to your product/ service, e.g what you can do for them, what your product does, how to use it. If you need help with this, I show you how you can come up with at least 15 Topics for your Facebook Lives on Day 1 of the Confidently create your first 5 Facebook Live videos in 5 days challenge + you can download the workbook for your prompts. Access the challenge videos and workbook FREE here.

Add value to your audience

Why should they take time out of their busy lives to watch your video? What will they gain from it?

Once you have your topics, you need to decide how you will add value to your audience in your live video. By adding value I mean, give them something they did not have, usually it is knowledge.
This may be tips, things they need to know before they book you, advice to help them choose which of product/ service you offer will suit the best, inspiration for their wedding,etc.

A few things to consider while delivering your live video:

  1. Keep it short, under 20min is good. Because short videos are much easier and quicker to consume and more people will watch.
  2. Make a maximum of 3 points in 1 video. E.g: if you are talking about ways to save for your wedding, talk about no more than 3 ways. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience or you will loose their interest and they won’t learn anything.
  3. Don’t write out a script and read from it or you will be constantly looking down at your paper and your tone will be ‘woody’ therefore defeating the whole purpose of doing live streaming. You want to connect with your audience and this includes looking into your camera to make ‘eye contact’. You want to show your personality and expertise… and this is not achieved by reading from a script. Instead, break down your topic into 1-3 points you want to make and trust you know your topic! You are the expert, you are fine! Here are a few examples of topics broken down into 3 points. Find more examples for various businesses from MUA to Live Bands in the file section of the Facebook group.

Want your own ‘Make your point’ blank templates? Download the workbook. 


Location, location and tech

Where will you broadcast live from and what will you use?

You don’t need a lot nor do you need to go out of your way. Chances are you already have what you need!

No, you don’t need the latest camera phone or some thingamajig. You need:

  1. Your camera phone / tablet / desktop or laptop + webcam*
  2. Location: desk, plain background/wall, workshop, office, Starbucks.., wherever you feel comfortable
  3. Good lighting = daylight or a decent light

In Day 3 of the challenge, I go into more details and share some of the tech I use, catch the video here, it’s FREE.

*If you would prefer to use your desktop or laptop like I do, Facebook is currently rolling out this option on desktop but if you don’t have it yet you can use the BeLive.tv app to stream live.

Let’s get Brides and Grooms to your Live

Your fans and followers will automatically be notified when you go live. However you can boost how many of them actually watch your video live by letting them know about it beforehand.


1. Create a post 24hrs or so before your live (add a nice photo/ graphic)
2. Tell your fan what time you will go live
3. Tell your fan what you will be sharing


After you have done your Live video, the video will remain on your Facebook page. So anyone who did not watch live can still watch it (remember it will show in their notifications)

  1. You can share the link to your video to drive traffic to it. e.g. on your website, or in your newsletter
  2. You can make this video work more for you by running an ad. The simplest Facebook Ad is to ‘boost’ your
    video. It cost from £1 a day and you can reach fans of your page or choose to show your video to
    potential customers who are not already fans of your page. That’s how to get more followers and
    attract potential customers who don’t yet know about you.

You can download this handy checklist to help you get Brides and Grooms to watch your Facebook Live, download it here, it’s FREE.



Don’t be left behind and lose out. Do it and do it now. Because as we all know Facebook is fickle, there is no telling when they will change tactics or raise prices.

Are you going to use Facebook Live to showcase your products/ services in order to gain your customer’s interest and create a desire for  your product/ service?

Remember, not everyone knows who you are and what you do. Social media therefore offers amazing opportunities to create awareness for your :

  • Product/ service
  • Business/ brand

Now, I’ve barely scratched the surface of Facebook Live and this article is already over 2500 words. I want to give you a complete ACTION PLAN to actually get you going. So you can

  1. Start using Facebook Live streaming in your Wedding Business
  2. AND use it in a profitable way = to attract paying customers
  3. All this by being the authentic YOU! without the need for any icky-old-school-salesman-tactics.

FREE Stuff

So I have put together a workbook with the exact simple step by step you need to get you doing your First 5 Facebook Live in 5 Days. It is a FREE download, so keep your cash and instead make some more using live videos.

The workbook cuts out the trial and error, you will :

  1. Easily find 15 topics for your live broadcasts with the prompts provided
  2. Use the template and example included to make your topic interesting to couples planning their wedding
  3. Use the tech you’ll need + find the perfect location with confidence
  4. Be able to drive traffic to your live videos + use them to reach potential customers even after you’ve been live

The good stuff does not end here

Do you want live instructions and support while you create your Facebook Live videos? Let’s do it together in real time. Join the Create your first 5 Facebook Live in 5 days challenge. During the challenge I’ll be doing daily live videos on my Facebook page, and answering your questions live and giving more examples of how to use live streaming to attract paying customers.

And off course, what would a challenge be without support?

Being among like minded entrepreneurs and other wedding pros means you won’t be doing this alone. If you are stuck, you can get help. You can also join the Facebook group.

I want you in the group, as it will give you your best chance to actually get things done instead of leaving it till later. And because I want you in the group, there is an exclusive bonus to download!

The Facebook group bonus contains templates to help you plan your live streaming in advance. After the challenge I will do a video in the group on how you can use the exclusive bonus and plan in advance and why you want to do this. 

*** UPDATE***

>> The challenge is over and all the videos and workbooks have now moved to the WBA Circle. Click here to find out about the WBA Circle. 

>> Each month I run a free training or share actionable resources in my private Facebook group. Then at the end of the month, it all moves to my paid membership site. So you don’t get anything that I would not sell. It’s like I sell cakes and you can get a different flavour sample every month. Click here to request access to my Private Facebook group. 

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Live : How to use it in your wedding marketing, the complete guide

  • Nigit begum

    Wow this is so helpful
    I am building a new website for make up
    To teach make up
    Tips on make up
    Having a webcam based make up lessons

    Also targeting brides.

    I have started some live facebooks feeds. I have had good feedback. But it’s not perfected yet.

    Thank you

    • Zee Post author

      Hi Nigit, well done!!
      The first step is the hardest one, all you really need to do now is to carry on. Listen to your audience’s feedback and ask them what they want to see more off 🙂
      I ran the Facebook Live video challenge last week with daily Live Training. You will find it helpful to come up with video to attract your brides’ attention. Here is the replay and resources link : http://bit.ly/5Days5LiveRecap
      P.S: I just checked out your Facebook page and love your videos 🙂 !! Especially the behind the scene videos. I think you are doing amazing. Keep at it, as with everything results are unlikely to show up overnight but being consistent will definitely keep your biz in brides’ newsfeed. x