4 Female Entrepreneurs share their best advice to have a successful 2017

We are at the end of February, how are things going in your wedding business? Have you set yourself some goals? It can be a little bit scary at first but it is easy and loads of fun to actually do.

Setting goals will change your life and your business. It is the first step to actually making your dreams some true. The right time to set your goal is not at the beginning of the year nor it is later in the year. The right time is now. Right now, no matter when you are reading this.

Need help? Here an article + a free download to help you get started on setting your goals

Wedding Business Academy | 4 Female Entrepreneurs share their best advice to have a successful 2017

Let’s share a couple of juicy stats on goals:

41% of people set their goals at the beginning of a new year

92% of these goals fail by January 15th, merely 2 weeks into the new year

Do you need some motivations to keep going in order to achieve your goals. Let’s hear them from ladies who have been there, who face the daily struggles we do and still built their amazing soul centred businesses!

4 Female Entrepreneurs share their best advice to have a successful 2017



Helen Rebello The Queen of mellow

“Trust and follow your heart – it will help you create a business that is aligned with your values – which is far more likely to resonate with clients and sustain you long term.”

 When Zee asked this question, my response was almost immediate – not because I think I have all the answers, or because I’m arrogant or like pushing my way to the front (trust me, that’s never been my bag!) – but simply because I’ve reached a stage in my life where my intuition is clear and when I hear it, I honour it.

And so my answer to Zee was this:

“Trust and follow your heart – it will help you create a business that is aligned with your values – which is far more likely to resonate with clients and sustain you long term.”

 This advice will either land with you or it won’t – I really hope that it will, because I found out the hard way that following your head and ignoring your heart puts you straight on the highway to burnout and overwhelm – and if I can help you avoid ending up where I did, that would make me very happy.

Many moons ago, I chose to ignore my heart’s desire to write for a living, and instead followed my head into a career in medical imaging. Like most of us, I was brought up to behave nicely, to do what I was told, to learn all my lessons from others and to rely on my head to tell me what to do.

As children we inherently know that our heart tells us things – but as adults, it is somehow ‘trained’ out of us – with the result that we get disconnected from our own inner wisdom and guidance – and instead build our lives from a sense of following rules, not missing out on things, looking after everyone around us and generally trying to be superwoman.

Unless you’re lucky, this inevitably leads to a growing sense of discontent, manifesting as disease both physically and mentally. Generally, something will happen to help you realise this before you break; in my case, it took severe depression and anxiety, as well as major surgery before I woke up to face the fact that my heart wasn’t going to be silenced!

Learning to open, listen and trust your heart helps you access your inherent wisdom, rediscover who you came here to be, identify what is truly important to you, and establish what your values are. Once you know those things, they become your guiding compass, enabling you to build your business around them – and do more of the things that nourish you, and less of those that don’t.

This sends out a subtle message to clients that you’re acting from a place of being ‘in integrity with yourself’. You’re more likely to do things that are in alignment with who you are; which means you’ll stop wasting your energy chasing All The Shiny Things, you get better at choosing things that flow more easily for you, and others will be drawn to you more.

Life is too short to spend it living in stress and overwhelm, heading unaware to a destination you didn’t even consciously set. That’s why I’ve rebuilt my life and work around practices that help you get quiet enough to rediscover your heart – because they brought me back home to myself when I was lost – and from that place, I now live a nourishing, aligned, joyful and tranquil life.

You can find out more about Helen Rebello at The Tranquil Path

Janette Miller Miller Properties

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel! (Wish I learnt that sooner!)

As entrepreneurs, we have our ideas of how we’re going to start and run a business. Maybe we are already doing the job and decide to become self employed and think we know it all! Around 6 years ago, I decided to try network marketing. I remember my up-line saying to me; “Janette, the formula is already there, you just have to follow it”

Although I’m no longer involved in a MLM company, I remember the advice and try to practice this where I can, even now. There are so many gurus, teachers and experts in their field around who show us a formula or process but some just don’t follow it.

I started my business whilst on maternity leave. Although I had 10 years experience working as a Property Manager for a large Letting Agent and knew I could perform the role just as well on my own, I soon realised that I didn’t know know to run a business! But because I knew my role and could perform this very well, I tried to do everything my way. We should most certainly find our niche and put our personal touch on our own business, but if we’re shown a formula or proven process we should definitely follow it! I wish I had a business coach or strategist in the early days. But looking back, I probably wouldn’t have thought I needed one. I have probably wasted a whole year out of my entrepreneurial journey trying to reinvent the wheel! It doesn’t always work.

You can find out more about Janette Miller at Miller Management

 Anna Wilk

“Start before you are ready”

Getting your business off the ground can be very exciting and scary at the same time; you want to succeed and you want it badly. You want to give it the best start, and you want to make sure that you do it perfectly.

Starting a business is a great place to be as there are great opportunities for us and we want to work on all the aspects to make it..well, perfect. We want to plan it to the smallest detail, we want all the merry making, and we want our idea to be the best thing anyone has ever invented. And don’t get me wrong, it’s all great, I get you. The problem is we get so much into the nitty gritty of things, that we fall into the rabbit hole. We become obsessed with the details, and then overwhelmed, especially when we start solo! When we start feeling overwhelmed and disheartened, we lose sight of what we really want to achieve, and then we start looking for excuses as to why we shouldn’t do it, why we will never succeed, if we are not qualified, if we don’t know enough, or if someone does it better…blah blah blah.

I’ve been there, and if it weren’t for my coach I would still be doing coaching for free! I had no website, no qualifications, no payment options, and I was spending days on giving my precious knowledge away because I thought I wasn’t ready. Then one day she told me to set up a PayPal.me page and post an offer in a place where I knew I had potential clients. Let me tell you, it was as terrifying as seeing my first DIY website go live! I will never forget that feeling. But that feeling has another side to it, it drove me to achieve more and pushed me past my comfort zone. The best part? I got five clients that day! So was it worth it? You bet, it was! So what will you do today to get yourself closer to your dream, even if you know that you are not ready yet?

You can find out more about Anna Wilk at Anna Wilk
The potty School

 “If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart!”

I’m a mother of three, ages 4, 2 and 0 (10-months today). I’m a stay-at-home Mom, I homeschool preschool and am happily married and, oh yeah, I run a business -The Potty School.

I love this quote because so often people will tell me “wow you’re hands are full” when we’re at the grocery store…or “your plate sure is full!” Sometimes they are trying to be compassionate and other times it almost feels like an attack that I have too much going on.

Even though I do have a lot going on, and lot of moving parts in my life – my heart is SO full! If something’s frustrating with the business, I don’t just have the option of sitting at a desk, or grabbing coffee for 5-minutes. I can typically just tend to my scheduled clients and then play the rest of the day, let the creative juices flow (going to the beach or park does wonders), and heaven knows that cuddling with a baby is FAR more therapeutic (and productive!) than writing a frustrated email.

Yes, my hands are full, but assuredly by doing things that I love and being able to spend my precious time with people I love, my heart is far more full!

You can find out more about Michelle Swaney at The Potty School

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