99 Social Media Posts For Wedding Businesses

99 Social Media Posts for Wedding Businesses by Zahreen Sharp from the Wedding Business Academy-

At least 99 post ideas

Multiple prompts to help you write your posts

No need to learn a system

  Simple and easy to use straight away

All the posts are already laid out to follow a proven system

  12 weekly emails to keep  you on track and help you maximise your investment


Social Media… it makes you shudder in apprehension when you see this on your to do list.


Do you usually go down the rabbit hole? Spend hours writing the perfect post and hunt down the perfect matching picture… only to find all this time and effort wasted because this post, however perfect it is, it did not get you a wedding booking, or even an enquiry.


Or do you just leave it on your to do list for when you have more time, more money, more ideas…


Have you considered getting or being able to afford to pay someone to write a week’s worth of social media posts for you?


But… you don’t want to constantly re-use the same old post and bore your followers. You need more than a week’s worth of post! How about 3 or 12 months worth of social media posts?


 How much would you be happy to pay for each post that consistently contributes to you getting enquiries and bookings: £5, £10, £20, £30?


How about I throw in a whole tried and tested system that will effortlessly convert your social followers into enquiries and bookings?



A whole system? It’s bound to be EXPENSIVE and I don’t have TIME to learn anything new and find the time to write the actual posts!


Let's 'uncomplicate' this!

WHAT If… I told you that there’ll be

No need to learn any complicated system.

No more sitting at your computer for hours wondering what to write.

No more wondering if your posts will catch the attention of your potential customers.


You had a guide full of ideas for posts, with prompts to help you write each post so each one is unique to you and your business…. no copy and paste job so your social media will not look and sound like your competitor’s or anyone else!

WHAT IF… Writing social media posts

Took minutes instead of hours.

Starts being enjoyable and fun.

Becomes a tool to make your wedding business profitable?.

"I loved Zahreen's 99 Social Media Post Guide. It was detailed and concise— I didn't feel lost because each of her suggestion was connect to a direct goal to grow my wedding business. Highly recommend this guide!"
Jenine Nerecina owner of cosmogyral Wedding Business Academy REVIEW
Jenine Nerecina
Jenine Nerecina owner of cosmogyral.net

What if I give you 99 Social Media posts tailored to your wedding business?

And you did not have to pay £10, £5 or even £1 per post?

Get yours for £47

(Less than 50 pence per post)

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