3 Biggest Facebook Mistakes That Will Cost You Sales

Today, I am sharing the 3 BIGGEST Facebook mistakes that will cost you sales … I made them all and you are probably making them right now too.

I’ve been using Facebook for business since 2012 and boy have things changed since. But these 3 mistakes, will always discourage customers from buying from you on social media. So let me tell you what mistakes I made and give you an example of how I turned it around.

3 Biggest Facebook Mistakes That Will Cost You Sales

The 3 Biggest Facebook Mistakes


Mistake no.1

When I started promoting my luxury wedding stationery on social media I was one of those people who constantly posted sales posts (so embarrassing to admit this!).

I was always showcasing this invitation and that one, with a long winding description and a link to buy.

Then I was told I should not be constantly posting sales messages instead I should mix it up and entertain my followers to increase interactions.

Mistake no.2

So I went from one extreme to the other, I started sharing more entertaining posts which had nothing to do with my business!! Funny videos and cute animals featured a lot– facepalm!

I was posting consistently on Facebook. I mean more than once daily and spent a long time writing each post!

Mistake no.3

I also join various networking/ commenting communities, in order to ‘increase the reach of my posts’.

As you know, all this is time intensive and I was getting no actual bookings from Facebook! *sad face

The solution

The solution was simply to have some structure to my posts and to aim them at the brides who are most likely to buy from me (few of whom were found in networking groups of fellow business owners).

Only posting sales posts gets very boring, is seen as pushy or desperate, annoys your audience and turns them off. It certainly does not make them want to book you for their wedding.

I do need to entertain my audience and making them laugh is definitely good. However I need to stay ‘on topic’ and post things related to my niche (weddings) because my audience needs to be thinking about weddings in order to be interested in what I sell : Wedding Invitations!

An example

The post that got most interaction was an article that curated a bunch of wedding invitations with spelling mistakes and some were hilarious! (link to article at the bottom, you may have seen it before, but I promise it will make you laugh!)

When I shared this article (which I did at regular intervals) I also gave some tips on how couples can avoid making embarrassing spelling mistakes on their wedding invitation + I linked to my proofreading checklist they can download.

This one post served 3 purposes:

  1. I entertained my followers and made them laugh so they are more likely to click like or comment but most importantly they will watch out for my posts in the future.
  2. Established my expertise- in non fancy words it means I proved that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to wedding invitations so they will keep me in mind when they are ready to order their invitations- ka-ching!
  3. When they download my proofreading checklist they get on my email list! Which means I can email them, talk to them and market to them directly. The cherry on the cake is that I know they are looking into invitations and that’s exactly what I can give them!

These are few things that you can do right now with your Facebook page too in order to save you time and bring you sales.

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P.S: Here is the link to that article with all the mortifying yet funny wedding invitation wording mistakes, use it wisely *wink

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